Lón Sláintiúil / Healthy Lunch

Tá Polasaí le hAghaidh Bia Níos Sláintiúla ar Scoil i bhfeidhm i nGaelscoil Uí Néill.  Is féidir an polasaí a íodlódáil ó leathanach na bPolasaithe i roinn na dTuismitheoirí.

Gaelscoil Uí Néill follow The Policy for Healthier Food at School.  The policy can be downloaded from the Policy page of the Parents section.

Smaointe do bhosca lóin sláintiúil / Some ideas for a healthy lunchbox...

Sandwiches and wraps

Sliced or homemade bread - vary between wholemeal, granary, multi-grain and white.

Bread roll, pitta bread, naan, chapatti, bagel, tortilla/wrap, oatcakes, crepe/pancake, potato cake, malt loaf, hot cross bun, scone.


Meat - wafer thin cooked meats, cubed chicken/turkey breast with tomato and lettuce, ham and cheese, roast chicken & hummus, leftover cold meats (chicken, turkey, meatloaf, sausages etc) with salad, chicken and mashed avocado, cold BLT.

Fish - tuna mayo & sweetcorn, tuna salad, sardine and tomato, fish paste and cucumber.

Veggie - grated cheese, cheese spread, cream cheese, Quorn slices and salad, cottage cheese with pineapple, cheese and grated carrot with a little mayo, veggie sausages, vegetarian pate with cucumber, cheese and coleslaw, egg salad/egg mayo, cheese and pickle, Marmite.

Other ideas

Carbohydrate based salads such as pasta salad, rice salad, cous cous, potato saladtabbouleh etc.

Baked items such as savoury muffincheesy corn triangles, pizza slice,mini pasty,cheese and potato roll, croissant, samosa, pakora, spring roll etc*. 

*These items can be high in saturated fat, so just opt for them occasionally.


 Five-a-day options

Any combination of the following, in a small pot or bag: raisins, sultanas, pumpkin/sunflower seeds,ready to eat dried apricots, dates or prunes.

Whole fruits - satsuma, apple, banana, pear, peach, plum, grapes, strawberries (whatever is in season)

Fruit salad pot - any combination of prepared fruit: strawberries, orange, melon, mango, pineapple, kiwi etc.

Homemade fruit puree, smoothie or apple sauce (you can add strawberry, peach, etc to it)

Tinned fruit pot (useful in the winter if you can't find ripe fresh fruit) - mandarins, pineapple, peaches, fruit salad, pears.

Salad pot - any combination of prepared raw vegetables: cucumber, lettuce, pepper, celery, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, mangetout, slices of avocado sprinkled with a little lemon juice etc. or coleslaw.    

Good for growing bones

Fruit yogurt, fromage frais or dairy-free alternative.

Cold rice pudding or custard.

Greek/plain yogurt.

Cubes of cheese or pre-packed lunchbox sized cheese portion, cottage cheese with pineapple.

Dips: hummus, cream cheese and plain yogurt.

Useful Websites

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